The Pet Nation has proven to be an invaluable tool for me! My poor dog, Spike hated going to the vet. When it came time to euthanize him, the house call service provided by The Pet Nation made those final moments rather peaceful for Spike, as well as for me.

- Susan Foley

My young children: Anna (3), Jimmy (6), and Aaron (8) were incredibly in love with Mona, our beloved Pomeranian. She was like a sister to them. Unfortunately Mona became very ill and there was nothing we could do. She was obviously in unbearable pain and the only option was euthanasia. Thank goodness for The Pet Nation because we found a wonderful vet who provided us with this option. It allowed me to explain to my children the concept of death and it facilitated Mona’s painless and peaceful passing. We were all there with her and we all had the opportunity to experience this in the warmth and comfort of our home. It made it much easier for my little ones as well.

- Maria Delizia

Felix, my 15 year old cat was very ill. My friend told me of The Pet Nation and I had a wonderful vet who made a house call and diagnosed his ailment. Now he’s much better and he is back to his hi jinx.

- Maria J Terry

Wow! Words, cannot express how grateful I am to The Pet Nation. My Mastiff was in so much pain and he was my best friend. I could not get myself to take him to the Vet to euthanize him. He was my buddy and we did everything together. The Pet Nation allowed me to say goodbye to him here at home and I felt that he was so happy to do it this way. He looked at me, put his big paw on my hand and he literally said good bye to me while he was staring into my eyes and gently fell asleep. Thank you to The Pet Nation.

- Johnny Polizzi

Coco Chanel is my brilliant, vibrant, and exuberant little Havanese girl. Each time she needed to go “potty”, she would ring a bell I set up on my back door. I work approximately 90 hours per week and am literally ready to drop at the end of the day. One day, after another 15 hour day, I arrived home and noticed an inordinate amount of bleeding emitting from Coco. This terrified me! I immediately went to The Pet Nation website where I made an appointment with the vet to come to my home the following day. Fortunately, Coco was diagnosed with kidney stones and a simple script remedied her ailment immediately. Efficient, speedy, and convenient. Problem solved.

- Belle Herzog