How It Works

The mission of The Pet Nation is to provide and encourage pet owners with the ability to provide veterinary services to their pets in the comfort of home. This is mutually beneficial for both the pets as well as their owners.

We research all service providers who must pass a rigorous application process. After our verification process has been completed and they have been thoroughly vetted, they can become a member of The Pet Nation and be approved to supply their services to you.

In keeping with our mission statement, utilizing our services is virtually effortless. You proceed to our services page and enter your ZIP Code. The rest is self-explanatory and website-guided. You are invited to register and provide the information your service professional requires for home service visits. After making your service selection and appointment date, we provide an e-mail confirmation with all the details, including all the particulars about your service provider that will visit your home. If at any point you have more in-depth questions or concerns, our service center is available by e-mail, or telephone 24 hours per day.

After the service has been rendered to your satisfaction (we confirm with you once your service provider submits the service call completion form to us), we release your payment to the provider.

It is also our focus and of predominant importance that you are 100% satisfied with the quality of services rendered. This is highlighted by our practice of processing your payment only after your satisfaction has been confirmed. We frequently review and monitor our service providers so as to guarantee you the pinnacle of professionalism, mastery of skills, competence, and value.